How to Start a Small Cake Decorating Business

Cakes are used for different purposes and that is why it is always in high demand. Those who use cake like to have such cake decorated. Even cake bakers do not have all the time in this world to begin decorating their cake. It is common for many of them to outsource this task. Usually cake decorators are engaged in that business. Cake decorators are in high demand, and because of that, many people are engaging in that business. You can start a small cake decorating business. Anybody can do that, but you need to be creative, have the recipes, and develop the talent for it.

Starting a small cake decorating business involves simple steps, and here are some of the ways you can begin. The first thing is learning all the legal and business requirements before you commence. Furthermore, ensure that you are qualified to run the business. Some states provide stringent conditions for the establishment of the business. Check whether your state will ask for food handler license.

When you are qualified for the business, then you think about how to get those cakes you will decorate. It is important to discuss with other stakeholders and learn how they started the same business. When you know what is entailed, you should balance the responsibility with that of your family. Learn everything you need to know before starting the business.

Acquire the requisite skill

Acquire the requisite skillIf you are convinced that you can run cake-decorating business effectively, then you have to acquire the necessary skills. This is very important if you want to take that business as your major income source. There are many ways of acquiring that training. You can attend seminars or take a course about that. Ensure that you have the certification at end of the training.

Have your business plan

As any other kind of business, you should create your cake decoration business plan. The plan has to include everything needed for the business. This is necessary, as you have to rely on that plan when you eventually commence that business.

While developing the plan you have to research extensively. Even if you seek the assistance or professional advice from consultants, there is nothing wrong with that. The plan you have for it will determine how that business will grow.

Look for a good site

Site is very important for this kind of business. Look for a perfect business location where people can reach out to you without difficulties. If you establish in a place where people will not easily locate, it will be difficult for you, and it can retard the business growth.

Get all the necessary equipment

Cake decorating is about using all the needed equipment to decorate cakes. After you have prepared a business plan, which will include all the equipment needed for the business, you have to source those equipment one after the other until you have procured all. When you have the right equipment, this will make it less tedious for you and they are as follows:

Cake boards

Cake pans

Cake color


Pastry bags

Couplers and tips



Decoration turntables

Icing mixer

Dummy cakes

Cake levelers and knives

Rolling pins

Icing tubes

Hire workers

Now that you are ready to start the decoration business, you can hire helpers if you think that you cannot do it alone. For a start, you can do it alone, but as the business grows, you will need helpers and then you hire workers to help you.