Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips

Cake decoration is one of the businesses you can easily start at home. Once you pass through the training and have the necessary certification, you can start it right away. It is good for moms because they can do it at home and combine it with other home chores. Home decorators can become a boss of their own and decide to work at a time most suitable for them. Most importantly, the business is profitable; you can start it as a full-time business and solve your family problems.

If you want to be a good cake decorator, you must be creative and this means that you must research extensively for different ideas. Moreover, you must familiarize yourself with different techniques. Here are some useful cake decoration ideas that you can consider today.

Put creative toppings

Put creative toppingsThe top of your cake matters a lot. If the cake looks attractive, it can promote your business. Because of that, you can consider creative toppings. Add such things like nuts, cookies, as well as fresh fruit. This could be better than piped frosting. This can improve the look. Here are some of the toppings you can add and they include sliced fruit, whole small berries gingersnaps, slivered or sliced almonds and so on.

Create shapes using stencils

You can create different shapes for your cake. Unique shapes such as nonpareils, decorating sugar as well as edible glitter. These shapes can be created using stencils.

Make use of candy

You should learn how to use candy for your cake decoration. Using candy is recommended because it can help you to evolve other creative ideas. You can arrange it in different ways such that you can easily create different patterns. Different kinds of candies can be arranged for that purpose and they include:

Make use of candyGumdrops


Chocolate prepared with raisins

Miniature candy

Peppermint sticks

Fruit rolls and leather

Licorice strips and several others

Embed surprises inside the cake

It is not only through frosting that cake is assessed. Frosting is necessary because it can enhance the appearance by making it look rainbow, but the real thing in the decoration is the surprise you have inside the cake. You can hide candies such as sprinkles and chocolate and so on inside it. This can improve the taste and cake quality. You must learn how to use this technique before you begin to use it.

Selecting your frosting

Frosting is very important in cake decoration business. Because of that, you must choose your frosting. There are different frosting ideas you can consider such as homemade frosting, store bought frosting and so on. Homemade are those prepared from the home, while store bought are brought from outside.

Adding color

When you have selected the perfect frosting, you have to add color to it as well. First, consider whether to flavor the frosting or tint it. You need to do that with the right color. Once you use the correct tools, you will achieve your decoration objectives.